What makes our dolphin program special?

①It's a sea-water-pool.

②It's outside.

③Wetsuits rental fee are included.

Feed a dolphin

You can feed and touch a dolphin. This might be a great first step for little children and people who are afraid of swimming with them. You can get along with dolphins through this program.

Price: ¥1000


Time duration: about 5min



※Please enter your desired time in the message field.           

Be a dolphin trainer

You can give signs and feed a dolphin. You can experience being like a real trainer.


Price: ¥4100

Time duration: about 20min



※Please enter your desired time in the message field.    ※The number of times held varies depending on the season.

☆Limited to 5 years old or older


Swim with dolphins

You can swim with dolphins, ride on them, touch and feed them!

Price:  Adult  (12 yrs old or older)  ¥10300

           Child  (5-11yrs old)             ¥8200

 Time duration: about 45min




※Please enter your desired time in the message field.     


There is also a shortened version of the Dolphin Swim in winter only.

If you would like a shortened version, please write in the message field.

Price: ¥4600 (5 yrs old or older)

Time duration: about 20min

Period: From December 1st to February 28th

☆Limited to 5 years old or older                           

Exercise with a dolphin

Dolphins will exercise with you and you can dance with a dolphin. At the end of this program there will be a present ( kiss) from the dolphins!

Price: ¥4600

Time duration: about 20min  


Schedule(From March 1 to November 30.)


※Please enter your desired time in the message field.     


☆limited to 5 years old or older

One shot with a dolphin

You can take one picture with a choice of different dolphin poses.

Price: ¥500


※Admission is required

Price:  Adult  (12 yrs old or older)  ¥200

           Child  (4-11yrs old)             ¥100


※We do not accept reservations.

Please apply at the front desk.

※Please confirm ahead of time.

We may refuse to use the facility due to facility operation and safety management.

The program may be canceled without notice due to bad weather, animal conditions, etc.

If you are interested to our programs, please fill in the form below. We will contact you for more information. You can make a reservation through this form, too.

If you wish to make a reservation

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