Enjoy Relaxing Moments with Animals!

 Dolphin Resort is located in Wakayama prefecture, Japan and it is surrounded by a lot of nature such as the ocean and forest. Not only you can relax feeling this beautiful scenery and atmosphere, you can enjoy moments with dolphins, seals, sea turtles, goats, a sheep and more by participating different programs.

 We will support you to have great memories at Dolphin Resort. 



What's special about our facility?

  1. You can feel the nature
    • our pools and pens are located outside. So you can feel and see the nature so as our animals.
  2. You can meet different animals very close.
    • There is no wall between our animals and you. And sometimes animals loves that! Please be a playmate with dolphins by throwing a ball, and petting master for goats. They have favors so please come and find what they like!





You can enjoy swimming with dolphin, touching and feeding them in different programs.


 You can touch spotted seals! It is rare to see them this close. Check the seals programs.

There are more animals to see such as goats, a sheep, sea turtles and tortoises. There are more fun programs with them